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Office of the Auditor General Profile

Office of the Auditor General was established in 1999 soon after the formation of Puntland State in 1998.

The Office of the Auditor General in Puntland is a key partner in the joint effort to improving accountable management of public finance. It is the responsibility of the Office of the Auditor General to review Governments revenue collection and spending and issue audit reports on the execution of the budget and strengthen of wider public financial management systems.

The main purpose of Puntland OAG is therefore to provide timely independent information on effectiveness and efficiency in government operations, compliance with financial rules and regulations and quality of functional of finance reports and information. Audit is one of the tools that may be used to promote accountability and transparency in the collection and use of public funds.

The current practice of the OAG has often been to undertake regularity audit that focuses on legality, transactions of public accounts& efficiency of operations.



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